A Fun Diy to Improve Your Mental Health Free Printable Quotes

Need a little help maintaining a positive attitude? Today we are going to do a fun DIY in the form of a positive quotes frame for your mental health, but we will make sure that you can easily swap the positive quotes at any time so that you don’t have to repeat the project over and over again.again. Although you can also do this if you want.

If you don”t know me, my name is Claire, I am an art therapist and transformative life coach for creative souls and I love sharing videos and live trainings to help women stimulate creativity while improving their mental health.

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  • A large frame, I chose the A4 format
  • Scrapbook paper in 2 different patterns
  • Pencil (to mark the back of your album)
  • A decorative placemat
  • A little bit of Bostik Blu Tack
  • Bostik PVA Glue
  • A few dots of Bostik glue
  • A decorative paper clip
  • Some positive quotes – you can download here or via a free printable PDF quote ClaireDB.com/Quotes
  • White Card


  • Printers
  • Paper cutter


  • Remove the back of your frame
  • Cut the Paper to the size of your frame
  • Use BluTack to securely attach it to the back of the frame
  • Put the support back in place so that you can start decorating
  • Cut the contrasting cardboard and use scissors to create frayed edges
  • Fix the glue points on the support plate with Bostik
  • Select your favorite quote from the PDF, print it on a white card and cut it out
  • Decorate with paper clips
  • Glue the placemat to the cardboard with PVA glue
  • Use BluTack to attach your offer

It’s so simple!


To start, make frames, quotes, and positive fun DIY:

Remove the back of the Frame to ensure that the selected background is cut to the correct size. You can then use Blu Tack to make sure it is attached to the back of the Frame, as we remove any glass or acetate so that we can layer our Paper and decorative elements.

The next step is to select your contrast paper and cut it to the desired size. I’m going to use 3 separate layers of scrapbooking paper, all contrasting but complementary in style because I don’t want it to violate the attached quotes.

Using 4 glue dots means that your Paper is attached, but you can also add decorative elements such as original paper clips if you want to add a little shine to your layers afterwards.

Choosing the decorative elements that you add to your layers is probably one of my favorite parts of any project, because the possibilities are endless, but I always remember that I never want to violate the quotes or affirmations that I want to use.

I want it to be beautiful enough that it attracts me to look at it every day, but I want the main focus of the piece to be positivity so that I really read and record it every day.

The reason this is important is because we remember 1 positive thing for every 100 negative things we remember. Therefore, it is imperative to consciously fill your brain with positivity if you want to cultivate a positive mindset.

As you can see in the video, I have seen this when cutting cardboard or even quotes, because I know that I will immediately recognize the excess white space. In general, because that’s where the eye is naturally attracted and that’s exactly the kind of craftsman I am!


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You can of course use a ruler if you want, but I don’t promote this kind of perfectionism in artistic work. This tends to be the enemy of creativity, not always, but in my experience with clients, it’s mostly camouflage.

There is no such thing as perfect. It’s a construction, and you don’t owe it to anyone.

Embrace the Chaos! He lights a little fire in the heart.

I hope you enjoy this DIY fun!

The use of positive quotes and positive affirmations is excellent for your mental health and it is imperative to place them in a place where you can actually see and look at them.

This is such a simple project and I hope you enjoyed seeing it!

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