Creative Crochet Patterns to Make This Spring

Creative crochet patterns are not really difficult to find. The problem is that many people assume that this is just a profession for the colder months. It’s easy to think that crochet is a craft for the autumn and winter months, but there are many fabulous projects that you can do at any time of the year.

It’s wonderful that she continues to create fabulous creative crochet patterns for Mollie brands.

I like the edge of the tea towel ^ _ ^


I love a good cookie and all British novelty cookies are like kryptonite to me!

These pink waffles are awesome.

How fabulous are you?! I love her! I think the center of them is a form of polystyrene that helps them maintain their plump shape. They are so cute!

If you don’t want to crochet a phone case, you can at least learn how to crochet a Rose!

The color of this ceiling is absolutely fabulous!

What is the beauty of this garland?

I am so honored that Jenn from Color n’ Cream created this project for the Blog!

As soon as I saw this crochet wall art, I fell in love! So full of spring joys!


So, I think I have a thing with crocheted food…

These would make great pin cushions.

Oh, wow! Look at these colors! This floral blanket is fantastic and the Palette is right up my alley. I know very well that crocheting such blankets is possible everywhere. For example; as I said, I did square by square while waiting for hospital appointments and I was able to keep my thread in my pocket. This has always sparked good conversations with the women around me.

Unfortunately, I had never seen a pattern where the petals are in 3D, that’s why I like this one so much!

If you like to crochet granny squares, this guide is perfect for you! Whether you own your own iPad or one of your friends or family members owns an iPad, this could even be a great gift!

Have you crocheted anything recently? I hope you enjoy these patterns! There are so many projects you could do throughout the year! Then you will not feel limited to the winter months.


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