Eye Popping Neat Handwriting Styles to Copy

If you’ve been here before, you may already know how much I love neat manuscripts, lettering, beautiful writing styles and handwriting in general.

A few years ago, I decided that my chicken scratch handwriting was ridiculous and that I needed to change it, then, after a dislocated shoulder, I had to learn to write again.

Fortunately, my writing and my handwriting became so fabulous that within 6 months I was a published writing artist! The book is creative Writing for children’s books.

Now I’m sharing the awesome and neat writing styles that helped me develop my own style.


You will need to use a card for the trial, but you can set a reminder within 13 days and cancel it before being charged. This means that you can access all the awesome skill-sharing courses you want during the trial period.
If you need to change your writing, check out my epic guide on how to change your writing as a mature! Don’t forget to download your handwritten worksheets while you’re at it.

If you are a student, you can also get writing templates that you can easily edit with your computer, but you can also print them and use your new writing styles on your printout.
I fell into a black hole on the Internet last week and discovered the writing thread on Reddit and Imgur.

There are awesome examples of swoon-worthy writing styles out there, and I’ve been so impressed by the way students are taking notes these days.


1. these awesome notes were created by RainCookieArt on Imgur, the writing/notes flow is awesome! If I had such an Internet at school (social networks and sharing all that), I would have been great to study! Leslie Knope’s little sister.

2. An awesome writing! I’m so jealous. Found via Imgur, but no original source user could be found.

3. Another fabulous layout from RainCookieArt! The girl has fine motor skills. When it comes to creating a beautiful italic font, you really need to practice grinding, doing shoulder exercises and writing.


4. this handwritten style… it’s awesome! I am so jealous of this script Spencer! I’m sharing a bigger picture:

I’m not sure how to find users on Imgur, but I loved this post, a practice of copying Poems by Sylvia Plath.


6. this whiteboard was in a gym and the photo landed on Twitter. Being able to write such individual letters from the shoulder takes a lot of practice.
or at least do it right.

When writing or labeling walls, do not forget about the correct posture.

Do you want to paint a whiteboard wall so that you can write by hand all day, and then remove it whenever you want?!


7. Je doesn’t usually like to write with oily ink, but this is really beautiful handwriting.

I am always impressed by people who know how to write correctly. I can have neat handwriting, but when I get too tired (due to medical problems), my writing becomes a scribble.

8. this person was convicted for having already written exam notes! It’s crazy! The comments also made me laugh … via Reddit.
I realize that the navigation in this College will be strange, but I will go from left to right. The digital image comes first in the List.

9. These figures are perfect! Mine… not so much. It was a screenshot from a TV show, but I don’t know which one. If you know where it came from, let me know and I will update the post immediately!

10. these beautiful notes and these fabulous manicures were found on Imgur. The model alphabet of the same Lady is N ° 12.

11. again, some very good notes on Reddit/Imgur.

12. a nice pretty Alphabet from the same Lady with beautiful red nails! Apparently, there were comments saying that his handwriting was very similar to the Comic Sans font, but I don’t see it. Am I blind?

13. another large whiteboard filled with great writing. How was this done on a whiteboard?!

14. a beautifully maintained writing style that resembles notes from young people (am I writing analysts now?!) I am in love with pink and purple notes. Found on Imgur.

15. a nice guide to creating pretty notes with a decoration and tips to decorate your notes. (Share the big one just below number 18) this fabulous article was created by Vestiblr on Tumblr.

I will definitely keep this guide handy. I could even print it out and write it in my journal, along with information on how to use color to organize notes and thoughts (I’m just going crazy about all the pretty pen colors and I know I’m not alone in this. Isn’t that right?)

If you want to see some nice hypnotic GIFs of someone who draws the banners in this little guide, check out this article on Tumblr.

16. oh, this is a great notebook planner.

I’ve been thinking about doing this, but to be honest, my energy and time are limited to the millions of daily tasks that small business owners have to deal with, and I don’t have time to design a planner like this.

But it’s fabulous and I’m sure it would be worth it. I already have a planner for this year (and next year, and probably the following year) created by Hayley Studies on Tumblr.

17. the Bullet Journal Challenge in July, decade Thirty is my new favorite blog. Your writing is perfect!!

18. This is another great Bujo (I’m seriously considering creating one! The only problem I have is time. They take a long time, but beautiful.) When I was in that Reddit Internet hole 😉

19. These science notes look great. With a color coding system I just learned, I would probably have become a veterinarian by now *sigh* (jk, I do what I love.

I probably wouldn’t work at the vet much because I would pet all the animals.)

These pretty perfect notes are from StudySoulMate on Tumblr.

20. I love these color-coded notes!

21. these notes were highlighted with pastel highlighters???? I’m going to have to buy some.

I saw erasable pens and highlighters from Pilot Frixion, then the Zebra Mildliner. I need to do a little more Notizen notes research on the study design on Tumblr.

22. I love this caption from the newspaper! About TaylorSwiftandTea on Tumblr.

23. These pretty colorful notes are gorgeous! By HelloMyDear on Tumblr.

24. this sounds like cartoon writing! I love … from Synse on Reddit.

25. how awesome is this cursive writing?! This seriously puts me to shame and I was pretty proud of myself until I saw this!

And guess what… the photo was taken by a teacher who said that one of her right-handed students had written this cursive script with her left hand.

(I wish you could see my face now.) Bitter? Me? ahhhhm….. maybe? ????

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