Ingenious Ways to Display Candlestick Holders

Once upon a time, there was a decision to display candlesticks, a pillar in every house worthy of the name; without them, they would be thrown into the darkness, with no hope of preparing dinner. However, nowadays candlesticks are often considered a disadvantage.

Whether you received a set as a wedding gift from that relative who clearly did not look at your registry or you inherited it from someone else. If you don’t like the Candlelight look, here are some ideas for other ways to Display candlesticks.

Explore all the fashionable interiors today and you will find that the rooms are crowded with lush greenery. Combine leafy green with your candle holders – both elegant and unique.

You will need super glue and a flower pot to match your candle holder – If you have silver candle holders, you may want to use spray paint to get your silver flower pot, or maybe a metal plant pot for something more elegant.

This look is fun and easy to do, as well as keeping your plants elevated and exposed. If you prefer not to have to worry about your plants, use Dummy. If you choose real plants, it is worth placing a plastic flowerpot insert in the main plant pot so that it can be easily removed for watering or repotting.


Using candle holders as a seasonal decoration seems strange, but the reality is that it is an elegant and discreet way to celebrate each season.

Attach relevant seasonal elements to your candle holders – flowers for spring, maybe seashells for summer, reddened leaves are perfect for autumn and maybe holly for winter

Once your decor is in place, whether you are sitting on top of your candle holders in one room or installing them in several places, place your candle holders in a prominent place – a kitchen island, the dining table – where you think they are best exposed. It’s fun because the seasonal nature means you can decorate over and over again.


Traditionally, one of the most common places for candlelight was the mantle. Bring back the classic and use your own candle holders on the mantel as a beautiful decoration.

You don’t need to store candles in it, because you are making a statement for yourself. The best way to display the candle holders when you place them on the mantel is to use a range of sizes.

Consider different types, shapes and sizes, because the arrangement is most interesting if there is a variety. This is especially good if you have a set of candle holders that you don’t know what to do with or if you like a versatile interior design.

If you decide to install candle holders, you will have great decor for special occasions that will really make the fireplace a focal point of the room.


Everyone knows that candlelight is unusually atmospheric. It can be romantic, secretive, scary and even cozy. This not-so-alternative use for displaying candle holders involves the use of candles in your candle holders. Bear with me, because these are dummy candles.

Electric candles are too often considered inexpensive and sticky. However, when placed with real candle holders, they can look great. The biggest advantage here is that you can be creative in the placement of your candle holder.

As a general rule, you can only have your candles in a place spaced at least 3 feet apart them to prevent the Flame from turning into a flat fire. However, with electric candles, you can have candle holders on the shelves, on the coffee table, even on the floor!

Without any risks or health risks, you can have a family movie night and not have to worry about children spilling anything.


This new method of displaying candle holders is aimed at the true craft lovers among us. If you are the kind of person who always has a glue gun at hand, then this one is for you.

Pair your candle holders with small glass bowls or other containers that sit better on your candle holder. Using a glue gun or a glue gun is fine – you can attach the bowl to your candle holder. It works great with candle holders of different sizes.

Once the bowl is fixed and secured, decorate it as you wish. You can spray the whole thing with paint, paint the candle holder yourself or leave it as it is and enjoy the different materials.

These are perfect for themed decoration-they make great Halloween candy bowls, for example. Or just serve treats at your next meeting. You are sure to attract people’s attention!

The idea of a candle holder may seem old-fashioned and outdated, but the reality is that they are beautiful decorative pieces that can be used in different ways. Which path is your favorite?

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