Make a 3d Card for a Birthday That’ll Knock Socks Off

In the video you can see that I used a Standard Cricut JoY mat and a square card, but it was easy because the special card mat I use was used for an absolute offense.
You should be able to tell that this is the machine that I use the most and that I mainly use to create cards!

The idea behind the Cricut Joy card mat is that the back of the card goes to the back and does not need glue, then the front sticks to the mat. This means that you can cut out and mark or label the cards.

If the cardboard has not been placed correctly on the mat and the adhesive does not adhere completely to your card, the blade may be able to remove it from the mat and completely finish your piece.


  • Model
  • Card mat or standard mat (depending on the card)
  • Card Slots
  • Contrasting Cardstock


  • Cricut Joy Machine
  • Cricut Weed Control Tools
  • Scissors/glue stick or glue stick


  • Preparation of the map and the carpet
  • Prepare your design file
  • Load the carpet and make
  • Weeds
  • Carry out repairs

Contrasting Cardstock

Step 1 Make a 3d Card for the Birthday and Prepare the Card and the Mat

Take your card and confirm the orientation of your card before placing it on your mat.
When you are satisfied, use a tool or place something on it so that you can press the card correctly.

It is not absolutely necessary to put an extra sheet of Paper on top of your card to rub it, but I wanted to completely avoid the risk of soiling the card.

Step 2 Create a 3d Birthday Card; Prepare Your File in the Design Room

Download and unzip your file from DesignBundles. Then open your Cricut Design Space application and download the file.
If you have multiple Cricut machines, make sure the correct machine is selected in your settings.

Step 3 How to create a 3D card for a birthday; load the mat and make

This is the part that takes a little time if your design is as complicated as the butterfly I chose. When you are done, press the Unload button in The Design Space application.

Step 4 How to create a 3D card for a birthday; weeding

Weeding is the process by which your finished piece is separated from those small cut pieces. I find it easier to weed if it is not already attached to the card, as you can see in the video.
This led to a tiny d i Saster (that’s how I say this word) – I broke part of a wing. However, it was the layers of paper that separated, so it wasn’t a clean cut that I could fix.

It’s so much easier to weed by holding both sides of the card with your finger and thumb, so that you can hold on to the really frayed parts and pull them out either from the back where they can’t be seen, or from the front.

Front weeding is an absolute nightmare for me and I don’t know if it applies to everyone.

So if you can take it off in one piece, it will be easier if you can add extra support through the outfit.

Treat with paper teeth….

Every time the Cricut machine cuts and a little bit of Paper comes out, it’s a bit of a dent.

I drew on it that on the back of the paper began to rise.

So I removed it because the cardstock is just layered paper, pressed together and hot and cold pressed, and I can strengthen it even more.

Step 5 How to create a 3D card for a birthday; perform repairs

I accidentally broke one of the small pieces of butterfly wings. But because it was the layered Paper that had just been separated.

Then I could just use the microtips and somehow use the back of one of the Cricut tools to really make it work.

Of course, you can use a glue stick or something similar to reattach it because it has a thin tip.

And I had a little trouble getting the little plastic one, but it worked fine. I was able to make it quite thin and make sure that it does not affect any other part of the map.

So I did all my work from behind because that’s where the stock of cards goes.

The people who receive the card will not see these coins. So the back of your card while you are trying not to be messy like you are, it’s not the end of the world, you don’t need to tear your card and start over.

Repairs can happen and you can do it very well. Every time I rubbed my fingers on my back, it was because the tooth of the tooth or teeth of all the small holes I had drilled all came out from behind.

Step 6 How to create a 3D card for a birthday; contrasting cardstock

Now it’s time to cut the cardboard and determine if you have all the teeth and small pieces of paper in the corners.

You will know if you have not managed to remove all the pieces, because it could be a little difficult to insert the cardboard, as you can see the problem I had in the video! It was just a little piece.

Your contrast card only needs to fit the small corners of your cut-out pattern.

And there it is!

This brush was used as a feather duster to keep my place away from the small pieces that have been weeded out.


Daily entry methods are available and the contest is open internationally!

We also launched a challenge on January 25, 2021 that I want you to be apart of!

If you find it difficult to always be smart and spend more time on social networks recording your ideas instead of creating them, this is definitely for you.

I am going to take the path of creating space with some psychological adjustments that practically guarantee success and the fact that creativity becomes practically effortless and second nature in everyday life.

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